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One Last (Excellent) Interview Question

People in transition are at different stops along the “finding work again” route. What stage are you: denial, anger, why me, who cares, yikes I need money, holy smokes why didn’t keep up my network, this is cool, etc. Do you think of this as an opportunity or are you fighting it? You have a chance to learn many new things, so go for it!

Interviewing is a skill, like cooking or swinging a golf club. To be good at it you need to practice. So whether you’re in an active search or not, you need to practice interviewing.

At your next interview think about:

Asking, ‘why this is a great place to work?’  Watching body language for signs of discomfort from the interviewer? Asking about culture?  technology?

Are you leading the conversation in a way that is to your advantage or are you letting the HR person/hiring manager set the agenda?

Here’s another great question to ask:

“Are there any skills that you would have liked for me to have but we haven’t discussed yet?” (Seems a little risky right?)  When my contact (thanks Jason!) asked this question in a recent interview… the person mentioned business writing skills.  He had a chance to send a writing sample along with the thank you note. By the way, they scheduled his next interview before he left the first. How’s that for results?

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