One thing that confuses me about modern living is how people don’t talk about some of the most significant things that happen to us. At a time when we have access to nearly all the information ever created, we are still not talking much about things like, death, money, raising our family, etc. There’s lots of information, but we’re still not “talking” much. We rarely have a family conversation about making mistakes, doing what makes us happy, or continuous learning.

It is my hope that the topics in this blog will encourage us to look at ourselves, as objectively as we can, and then figure out what we need to help ourselves grow and change. Life is a series of curve balls. Sometimes we hit them, sometimes we swing and miss, and sometimes we have to duck to avoid getting hit, but if we’re fully participating in our lives, we learn from each “at bat.”

Change is Inevitable

Billy Joel wrote a wonderful song titled, “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)”

I love this song because he tells us that making mistake is not only normal but that our mistakes are our teachers.

You’re not the only one who’s made mistakes
But they’re the only things that you can truly call your own.

I understand why people don’t want to change. It’s painful. It’s hard. It sucks. But the problem is that it actually takes more energy to ‘stay the same’ than it does to change. Let’s go down this road together. May you feel safe, may you feel strong, may you feel content, may you live your life with ease.” Sylvia Boorstein