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Finding Focus in a Hazy World

I see a lot of fear and frustration in people’s eyes. there’s a kind of weariness that comes from stress and uncertainty. as we move back to yet another ‘normal’, it’s hard for me to feel settled. the world seems hazy.

I have been feeling this more lately and my go-to solution is to look into mother nature’s eyes, i.e., look at the littlest thing I can, and see the beauty. this rock with a shallow well at the top is a favorite of mine. in every season, it holds something interesting. to someone else, it might look like some rocks and leaves. I see how the randomness of falling leaves and the rocks placed beneath a tree, create a texture and symmetry I might miss, if I didn’t work to see it.

kintsukuroi – broken-ness brings new beauty

Image result for Kintsukuroi

If you think this bowl is beautiful, read the story of how the Japanese repair pottery with gold, to make something broken, even more beautiful.

take care of yourself today. breathe a few deep breaths. hold someone’s hand, step outside and look for something beautiful. I’m standing with you.

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2 Responses
  • Jamie Campo
    November 15, 2021

    I think the haziness comes from a certain type of monotony and a certain type of fear that we’re all facing right now. As a kid I knew something was wrong with my health but not what or how it was going to effect me, and it gave me this long term background fear that I could never quite shake off or clear my mind of. The virus reminds me of that- the waiting and lack of ability to change the situation, while also constantly distracted by and from work that day in and day out looks the same yet still takes up a part of us. I love that you use nature as your gold.

  • Deborah
    November 15, 2021

    This virus is teaching most of us a lot. America is the great melting pot experiment! we are messy and crazy and human. We’re like teenagers… so full of energy and good. Mistakes are our glory!

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