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Doggos Being Doggos

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Doggos Being Doggos

When dogs are being dogs, we laugh. Even when they eat our shoes (well, you left it lying around right?), when they roll over on their back looking for a belly rub… they endear themselves to us. It’s their perfect imperfections that makes us love them along with their loyalty and furriness.

Do you love them less when they:

  • Hog the whole bed or sofa?
  • Stare at us until they get food, toys, snacks?
  • Steal our socks?

Probably not. My dog just looks at me with those big eyes and licks my hand and all is right with the world.

People Being People

It occurred to me that if I forgave myself as easily as I forgive my dog, my life might be better. As it is, when I eat too much, laugh too loudly, neglect my work, feel sad or lonely… I am so hard on myself. In my head, the noise is relentless. Here’s what it sounds like:

  • Don’t be loud
  • Don’t be ‘not pretty’
  • Don’t say how you feel
  • Don’t do anything that upsets other people

Not doing all these things makes me pretty tired. And I’m tired of judging myself. So I’m gonna practice being more like a doggo and a doggo parent.

Imma gonna tell myself that I’m a doggo and I deserve a break. Maybe I’m a whole new breed.

Image credit: My granddogs Kermit and Marbles

2 Responses
  • Irana van Oostrum
    June 11, 2018

    that’s an absolute wonderful way of thinking. I like this a lot. we can learn so much from our loyal puppers. whenever I’m feeling stressed out, I just look over to my doggo. look at how she’s laying on her blanket, taking a deep breath, maybe even rub her eyes with her paws and she kind of reassures me of “how much does it really matter?” her calming presence can really ground me at times and honestly I am so thankful for that.

  • Deborah
    June 12, 2018

    Irana, absolutely! why do I take everything so seriously… humans being humans… I am a new breed of doggo/humano. lmao deb

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