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Average Is Good (Maybe Even Better)

But She’s Special, Why Aren’t I?

In a world where we all want to feel special, it’s hard to consider ourselves average. The truth is though, that everyone (without exception) excels at something. Think about that for a minute. Pick any person in your life… maybe even someone you’re not that fond of. What do they positively excel at that has nothing to do with your relationship to them. Maybe they grow a beautiful garden, maybe they really love their children, maybe they dress well.

So everyone excels at something and everyone is average at a LOT of things. Supermodels dislike certain things about their appearance, millionaires continue to chase money and many of us long for the life of the rich and famous. As if we could (or might be) a better version of ourselves … if only…

If  Only

If only I were smarter, richer, better looking, had more friends, had better friends, lived somewhere better, went to a better school, had a better job… and on and on. If only I were married, thinner, prettier, more interesting… I’d be happier.

But the truth is, we have everything we need to be whole. We have this day, we have these people in our lives (our family, friends, colleagues, etc.). We have our senses, the air, the sky, the wind, the sun, the rain. It’s hard to be serene when I’m thinking I need to be something “more”, in order to be happy. Of course striving to be a better version of ourselves is worthwhile. But wishing that we were a different person than who we are, is a waste of time and energy.

If we paid attention to what we have, we might just find the peace of mind and appreciate this moment, of this day. There is no one like you and the world needs you, just the way you are.

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  • Mike Perrotta
    May 8, 2018


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