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Embrace the Mess – A Key to Innovation

Babies on BORSCHT

Do you embrace the mess?

If you want to hear someone interesting talk about problem solving like an artist, thinking like an artist; here is designer Marc Ecko sharing his thoughts on embrace the mess. He believes that the wealth that matters can’t be really be counted. Think about it. He also recommends that each of us be an “un-label.” When you have truly found yourself,  people are not sure how to describe the essence of “you.” They only know that you are true to yourself and encourage others to do so too.

What’s good about the mess?

It’s rare that innovation/learning/joy comes from a completely planned event. It’s the goof ups, the unexpected changes, the learning how to…, that often produces the good stuff. Are you afraid of the mess?

Try finger painting, with food from your refrigerator (not a lot, just a little). Hang around little kids, watch them experiment. What can we learn from them?

When you have a problem to solve, following all the rules, doing the same thing over and over, talking to the same people for advice and then expecting a breakthrough, doesn’t make sense. For today, I give you permission to do the messy thing. Let me know how it goes.

Photo credit: messy baby photographer

1 Response
  • Carl Hoffman
    November 21, 2014

    Deborah I have so much to thank you for besides this blog. You subscribed to my YouTube channel Devotions For Busy People. Just this week I jumped over a hurdle in both my painting and my channel. I feel confident about my painting and I purchased professional editing software for my channel. Recently a nice man where I formerly worked evaluated my channel and offered suggestions. The first thing he said it is not devotions but commentary. I guess that meant I was not “touchy feely” and my material upsets rather than soothes. People change because they are uncomfortable. The comfortable have no reason to change. He also said I should have my script visible. A random younger viewer commented it looked retro 1980’s. In the future I will have better eye contact. Don’t worry I will not sell out metaphorically speaking.

    Wheezy Waiter said he had 31 subscribers at 100 videos and now he has over half a million. Both he and I are not eye candy. I have 51 subscribers at 80 videos. I was encouraged to put is mildly. Knowing that you were my 51st subscriber made me ecstatic.

    In life my biggest problem is I have a big super ego. When I break free from its hold I usually have a good time. I mentioned that in my recent video “Conquering Negative Emotions.” Marc Ecko had a great talk that I needed to hear this week. I understand his book is mostly autobiographical. When I post this I will probably get a copy on your recommendation. Thank you for everything you are super.

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