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My Way

I Get to Decide

Sometimes I forget that I have the power to choose… I spend my precious time and energy.

If I’m too influenced by the media, family, friends, colleagues, trends, or by the “holes” in my heart… I make decisions that take me farther away from what I actually want.

When I am carried away by other people’s expectations, I rob myself of the chance to grow… in the direction that I want to go. I’ll learn something. If I think I made a mistake, maybe I’ll learn from it. Maybe not. (It often takes me 3 or 4 tries to learn!)

There are a lot of intangible rewards for conforming. And there’s a lot of pressure when we don’t. It’s easier to just do what everyone else does or what’s expected.

Sometimes, It’s a Lonely Road

Whether it’s money, prestige, or things that money and prestige give me…this undue influence can distract me from finding the path that leads me to serenity or joy or growing. Some of the journey IS to try stuff and see what feels right; to judge whether the experience… is or is not for me.

When I am comparing and judging myself, I forget to pay attention to the way I feel. Often, I don’t have enough support to do things my own way. Part of my job is to find people who will support me, no matter what.

The Struggle is Real

Last night I was invited to join and activity at someone’s house. This group eats pizza. I didn’t want pizza or anything else to eat. I just sat while they ate. Some people in the group took offense and tried to persuade me to join in. I wasn’t uncomfortable not eating, but they were.

I understand why they want me to join in. It’s easier when everyone participates. But the feeling of… why can’t I just eat like everyone else... pops into my head and I have to fight to stay true to myself. This is the simplest of examples. But if I give in to eating when I don’t want to, imagine what else can outside pressure get me to do!

I wish I could be there for each of you who will travel the road of ‘not eating the pizza.’ I am there with you in spirit and standing beside you.

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