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Creating a Diamond Takes Pressure

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Maybe I Don’t Want to Be a Diamond

I know that it takes pressure to create a diamond, but maybe I don’t want to be a diamond. Maybe I could just be a rhinestone and have less pressure. In my journey, I’ve come to believe that becoming the diamond… is worth the effort. If we are born a certain way… then we invite pressure. We may not welcome it, but we know it’s part of living a full life.

Born This Way

I’m a person who, despite my logical brain, likes to take chances. One part of me says, ‘be careful’, but another part says, ‘let’s try it!’ I don’t control which voice comes through, it just happens.

With that chance comes the opportunity to learn and grow. That’s what I like. But, with the opportunity to grow, comes pressure. Learning new things is uncomfortable. Discomfort creates pressure. Pressure can make us a mess or a ‘diamond.’

Choices and Change in Perception

I have choices:

1) I can avoid taking risks. (Not an option for most of us.)

2) I can take a risk (like moving or going to school or learning something new… ) and understand that pressure will be part of the process. Instead of being overwhelmed by pressure, I tell myself that I might need support to deal with it, or I might need to take extra good care of myself.

If I can change the way I look at pressure… if I can learn to see it as an opportunity to become a diamond, I might feel better, I might take more chances, or different chances. I might learn to take better care of myself and to support others who are taking chances.

I don’t need to become a diamond, I already am one and so are you. It’s just that becoming strong and magnificent are my right and my purpose. So take that chance, know the pressure will come, and get the love and support you deserve. I stand with you.

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