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Spectrum of Visibility

Invisible People

Sometimes, I’m invisible. When I’m feeling vulnerable or lonely, I feel ‘unseen.’ In my dysfunctional family, being invisible was my way of coping. The homeless, people who are different from “most of the group”, foreigners, pets that no one wants, sadly, the list goes on. I hate to admit that I look away from the people in my town who are panhandling. But I do. I hope you can’t relate, but my guess is, many of you can.

Sometimes Visible People

When I worked at a big corporation, I was one of the only women managers. I was more visible than most women, but I was also completely invisible to lots of other employees. Sometimes, I know I’m visible because I feel ‘seen.’ I don’t know how else to describe it.

Always Visible People

You know them, they excel in sports or star in the play at school. They get good grades and are good looking. Some of them go on to be famous. A lot of them are white and male. They have power because, often, they feel they deserve it and, they have the means (connections, money, etc.).

At different times, my place on the spectrum varies. I am aware that some people feel they are NEVER seen. This is a terrible and lonely feeling. Just for today, I’m going to notice the person who maybe feels invisible. Just for today, I see you and I know you see me. I’m grateful.

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