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Bad Juju

Negative Breeds Negative

I pay attention to the energy I put out into the universe. This requires that I think about what energy and information I am bringing in to myself. This doesn’t mean that I only read and experience fluff, far from it. But I do take care to not spend my precious time and energy on people and topics that will bring no positive energy to me.

I pay attention to the news and I focus on understanding what is happening in my neighborhood, state, country and world. Then I work to figure out what I can do. I have 3-4 specific topics that I take action on. I volunteer regularly. I look for ways to support those who do not have a voice or a voice that is sufficiently amplified.

Attracting Good JuJu

As I limit the amount of negative information and energy I take in, I work to put out positive energy to the world. Not just on social media, but also in the way I think, speak and act.

It’s tempting to follow the crowd, to participate in the name calling, the “I’m right, you’re wrong”… game. I’ve found that to be a lose/lose.

If I want my life to be serene, I need to manage the flood of bad juju that is all around me. By focusing on the good, the kind, the people who are making positive changes… I find that serenity and share it with others.

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