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I’ve Got Piles

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What’s A Pile?

In this case, a pile is the stuff that I am responsible for. Not just the laundry or the dishes, it’s all the things I am responsible for. My relationships, my work, my personal growth.  All that is in my pile.

Being human means that sometimes I gossip, sometimes I stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong. Sometimes I act like a know-it-all.

In other words, I add sh*t to my pile that doesn’t belong to me. I act like I know what other people should think, do and say. I pretend that my opinion of things is the one that counts. Of course, I’m not always aware that I’m doing these things. But when I am, I actually feel righteous. If only Susie or Ken would listen to me; their life would be fine.

This is bullsh*t.

My Pile

My pile has physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual parts. I am responsible for them all.

The physical ‘pile’ is pretty easy to understand. I need to be clean and fed, I need to work to support myself. I need to do the laundry and grocery shop. My emotional pile is way more complex. I wish I had no feelings and I could just cruise along in life.  The thinking and feeling and loving parts of me take a lot of energy. If you’re like me,  you need support and help to manage all the parts in ‘the pile.’ What I don’t need to do it add other people’s piles to mine!

Leave That Other Pile Alone!

If we’re part of a family or have room mates, then what’s in my pile and what’s in your pile gets more complicated. But the job of sorting what’s mine and what’s yours is worthwhile. I can improve my life just by paying attention to what’s in my pile and not adding the stuff from other people’s. Boy it’s hard.

Thanks to D for this blog topic.

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