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Holidays, Vacations, Life as We Know It

Holidays and Vacations

I took a vacation from the blog. Not on purpose, it just happened. I’ve been writing this blog off and on since 2008. So when one week turned into two turned into six… I realized that in addition to I celebrating the holidays, I was also taking a vacation; from my regular life, my regular responsibilities, my old self. As I celebrated a ‘speed limit’ birthday this month, I realized that there are all kinds of vacations. This particular vacation was very important to me.

Life As We know It

Every once in a while, I hope that you are able to take that same kind of vacation. It’s not like Disneyland, the beach or the mountains. It is the kind that allows us to look up at the clouds and take a long look at how we’re living. This isn’t easy. Who wants to question all the ways and reasons for the choices we’ve made? No one. And yet the importance of looking at our life – straight into it’s face – is important. Because there’s a big difference between living and surviving. If you choose to survive, because it’s easier… I understand. If you choose to live, even though it’s harder, much harder… I understand. You have my blessings to do either. It’s your life.

Photo credit: Cumulus Blue  Scott Robinson

2 Responses
  • Joey
    January 13, 2017

    It’s always good to take those breaks. The older I’m getting, the more I’m realizing how important those 2 family vacations a year we took were to my parents. Not just because it got us away from work/school/home, but because it made us slow down for a bit and enjoy each other. Hope you got out of this vacation what you truly needed from it.

  • Deborah
    January 13, 2017

    Joey, Thanks for your comment. Slow down and enjoy each other and appreciate all we have. You got it, 100%

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