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The Beauty of the Winter Garden

It’s Not Beautiful, It’s Dead

In the middle of winter, we think about the green of summer, the abundance of the garden, the color of the flowers and wish that things were different. We forget to look at the garden as beautiful. If we take a few minutes and look carefully, we’ll see many unexpected things. First, we’ll see more shades of white, black and gray than we thought possible. We’ll see the outline of things that are blocked by the leaves and greenery. We might notice the hardiness of the evergreen or the way grasses turn brown and yet still blow in the wind. But we must pay attention to see these things.

It’s Dead and It’s Beautiful

Just like in life, we might dismiss a person who doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ the way we think they should or we might miss the importance of kindness in everyday life. If kindness is the stem and roots, then it will be present no matter the season.  The joy of appreciating the winter garden is that it teaches us to appreciate our days in all their phases – happy, sad, structured, confusing, etc. . Think about how the winter garden shows us how to accept wherever we are and even find joy and beauty there.

Photo credit: Winter Garden  Ms. Lea

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  • LaCross
    January 5, 2016

    Hi Debby (aka Debby Machine). My name is LaCross and I like what you’ve written about the winter garden. It makes me think of the glass half empty or half full!! It would mean the world to me if Jenna said hi to me on her Facebook page. I have commented and liked her posts and videos and I have never gotten to talk to her. You, Jenna, Jullian, Kermit (Cermet), Mr Marbles, and Peach (Paesh) are absolutely amazing. What a beautiful family you have! I love you all to pieces. It is on my bucket list to meet Jenna. I have been watching her videos ever since her “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” video. I hope you had a merry Christmas! -LaCross Sky

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