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Black & White & You All Over

Some people say that the world is falling apart. Some say it’s never been better.

What do you say?

No really, what do you say? Everyday… do you reflect the “getting better” or the “falling apart”? The truth often shows itself in subtle ways.

Yesterday I was at the dog park. I asked one of the people I often see there, what she’d been up to? She said she’d been on vacation at a nearby lake . I said, “Well you had beautiful weather.”  She replied, “Well, it was a little chilly somedays, not as hot as we wanted.”

Really, I thought? You got to go on vacation. and. you. say. that?

We live in a world of labels. Your politics are this, mine are that. Your  religion is this, mine is that (or worse, I don’t have one). You come from this country, I come from that.

Information overload has made it easier to be polarized. What can we do? Sometimes it’s in our nature to be a negative Nelly. If you’re a curmudgeon then fine; you’re off the hook. But I’ll bet you’re not. I’ll bet you want to be happier.

Just for today, try not to think in black and white. Try the grey. Maybe the person who cut you off in traffic has a sick child. Maybe the person at work who drives you crazy is lonely. You don’t have fix any of these things;  just adjust your attitude.

If you think, I could never be a democrat, a catholic, a republican, a Jew and on and on… Think about why not. The truth is, we are more alike than different. Let their peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Photo credit:  Flying Twigs


2 Responses
  • Carl Hoffman
    August 1, 2014

    Your post looks like a script for one of my videos. In short I like it. LOL. Two sayings come to mind; one by Raymond Rigdon is “Some people can live with ambiguity and some can not.” I add “But the world is ambiguous.” I also live by this mantra. “When you put a label on a person you cease to know them.” It looks like both your blog and my videos have the purpose of helping people cope with a rapidly changing world. My outlook is the world is getting better. At least mine is because Saturday I have my first art showing.

  • Deborah
    August 2, 2014

    First art showing! WOW. I’m so excited for you. Stepping out in a big way. I’m cheering for you 100%.

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