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They Call It “Social” Media for a Reason

I’m tired of hearing people say they don’t want to use social media because they don’t want to know every detail of someone else’s life. Well, if this were true, celebrity magazines wouldn’t exist; neither would soap operas or the 21st century version, reality TV.

So I thought I gently remind everyone that it’s precisely life’s details that make it interesting.

I was talking to someone about networking and how much I dislike showing up at a event  to make small talk with strangers. Interestingly though, conversing via twitter, blogs, face book and other networks can actually be fun. I have met some wonderful people this way.

And, by the way, you can crab all you want about having to ‘learn’ new things and ‘use the computer to connect’ and engage but the fact is that this train has left the station. You can have fun, learn and look for what’s good in the new world of social networking or not. But please, spare me your tales of not caring, not getting it and not wanting to be bothered. Boy I’m crabby in the new year. I promise I’ll be better by my next post.

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