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Do Not Read This. Especially Today.

Every morning I fill the kettle and boil water, get  out my Aunt Dorothy’s big china mug and brew myself a cup of tea. As it’s brewing, I often think of Brits in WWII who used the same teabag over and over. As I stand there, dipping the bag, I think of how grateful I am that I have the luxury of a new teabag everyday.

I’m writing this at 4am because I can’t sleep. This past week, this is what I heard people (some of my favorites) getting all upset about:

  • their dry cleaning wasn’t ready as promised
  • their table at a restaurant wasn’t available when promised
  • their kids aren’t getting what they were used to for Christmas (due to their unemployment)

You get my drift.

My friends served in the Vietnam War. To this day I cringe at the sound of a helicopter (napalm explosions to follow…)

I know several people who have loved ones serving our country today in all parts of the world.

Get a grip folks.

Do you have food, clothing and shelter? Are the people you love the most in good health? If so, count yourself among the luckiest people on the planet. Please, just for today, shut the ____ up.

image found at Dark Roasted Blend

1 Response
  • Career Sherpa
    November 11, 2010

    This is absolutely worth reading and sharing. Life is not about material things. It is about relationships. Oh, sure and food and shelter, but you know what, I don’t think McDonald’s and a McMansion qualify.

    I’ve long believed we need to hunker down and make due with far less.

    Need vs. Want is a question I ask myself before I buy anything!

    This Veteran’s Day and each and every day, let us all be grateful for the relationships we have a put a real value on that!

    I truly value our friendship! You inspire, motivate and challenge!

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