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Why is This A Great Place to Work?

This is

my favorite question to ask when I’m interviewing for a job. I say, “I’m looking for a great place to work.  Why is Xyz Company a great place to work?” The range of responses is revealing.

Some hiring managers have already answered this question in the way they talk about their work, their team and the company. It is apparent from their enthusiasm that they like where they work.

Others are not as comfortable. I look for body language to read between the lines. Slumping shoulders, a lowering of their voice, eyes to the floor (maybe all in a split second) tell me that they are not as convinced as they’d like to be.

I liked this article on, determining the corporate culture of a company. While jobs are tight (and they won’t be forever), the ability to assess whether a company is a good fit for us is an important skill.

Think about answering these questions for the last place you worked and then think of the answers you’d like to have for your next employer.

  • What 5 key words or key phrases best describe your company?
  • What would you guess would be the 5 key words or phrases that your (husband/wife…) would use to describe your company?
  • What is your favorite day of the workweek? Why?

By the way, turnabout is fair play. I am always prepared to answer their question about why I’m the kind of employee who would contribute to making their company a great place to work. Happy Holidays.

1 Response
  • Creative Sally
    March 11, 2011

    Could someone help with how to approach the things in this article if you left your last position because of several people in the company and the company itself?


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