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Best Career Strategies 2009 – 26 Ways To a More Effective Job Search

A few years ago, standard advice for a job seeker would have included: get a degree or spiff up your resume. I found a report that is a compilation of suggestions from various individuals about the NEW job search and how to really take a new approach to landing in this hyper-competitive job market.

Their suggestions range from, “Be the CEO of YOU, Inc.” to “See Yourself in 3 Dimensions”. I particularly liked, “Get very, very clear on the type of work you truly want,” describing that this market will not tolerate the, “I can do anything you need” attitude. For each job there are many individuals with the specific skills to that job. It’s an employers market.

Being the CEO of you suggests these strategies:
1. Develop a mission/vision statement. Understand who you are/where you’re going.
2. Develop a plan. Include having the right relationships (vendors, customers, etc.).
3. Developing a strategic board of directors.
4. Ensuring your product is up to date, up to par, get training, learn, and grow.
I would add the standard “network”, with the caveat to use as many of the social media tools as possible. Use of these tools demonstrates an ability to adapt and pay attention to trends. If visibility = opportunity, then the more visible you are, the more likely you are to get noticed for positions. Keep the funnel open

There is something here for everyone. I would add involve your family in a positive way. You are showing them how to cope in difficult circumstances. Also, have fun. Do something everyday that you might not be able to do if you were working.

Fun and Interesting Inexpensive/Free Things To Do in Rochester
Visit the Rochester Public Library Downtown. If you have small children and you haven’t yet taken them to the children’s room, you are in for a treat. Not only is the room delightful but they have a chance to explore the ‘secret doorway’. For events go to:
The Business section has an abundance of information to help learn about potential employers. The librarians are patient and helpful. How about Rochester history? Job hunting help?

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