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Are You a Tree or a Bird?

Looking out the window this morning, I saw a goldfinch fly by pines, beeches and oaks and I thought, ‘Am I a tree or a bird?’ A tree has deep roots, stands tall and observes. A bird flits around seeing new things. At first I thought I was a bird. Big picture is my style. Then I realized I had more tree in me. My point is: thinking of yourself in new and fun ways may make it easier to project those desirable qualities to others.

I looked online for a quiz: ‘what kind of animal am I’ but they had pop-up ads, were too complicated or asked for personal information. Think about what kind of animal your personality represents. I used to think of myself as a cheetah. Now I think I’m more like an owl. Understanding yourself, how you relate to others and how you adapt to the herd, pod, flock or murder (crows) may be a measure of your hire-ability (I think I just made that up!)

Here’s a fun game to play with your family in the car. Ask each person what kind of animal they think they are and why. The answers may surprise you.

Fun and Interesting Free/Low Cost Things to Do
Traveling with Kids – Ideas
1. Game for two players – Have each child guess if there are more license plates that end in an odd number or an even number. (plates that end in a letter don’t count)
2. Start this game out by saying, “I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing…” . The first player should name an item that starts with the letter “A.” The next player names something that starts with the letter “B”, and so on.
3. For online printable games & puzzles, check out:

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