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Why is Meaningful Work Elusive?

The View From the Road

There are likely thousands, if not millions of answers. Maybe, as many as there are people. Let’s focus on this one.

As we look at the photo, we see a lighted, dry inviting path. and a dark, wet uninviting… why would I go that way… path.

Some people find their way to work that is meaningful to them because:

  • they got lucky
  • what floats their boat is also needed and/or well-compensated
  • they are souls whose life on earth is to be of service

There are probably millions more. Most of us, however, don’t fall into those categories. We are unclear about our path forward. We rely on others to show us a map of how to find the work that will feed us, body and soul. Their maps don’t work for us, so we end up frustrated. And so do they.

Finding Our Own Path

I did it my way. Was it the “right” way? I don’t know. I know that I was clear about what I valued (flexibility in my schedule), what I wanted from my work (always be learning) and from my work place/employer (that I was valued). Oh and by the way, if I could have some fun thrown in, then I was winning!

No one can tell you how to find work that is meaningful to you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find help. My suggestion, look for mentors, and colleagues for mutually beneficial conversation. Work to understand your values and skills so when the choices come, and they will come, you know what you need and want. There will always be trade-offs. Be clear about what’s most important and comfortable enough in your own skin to take the risk of walking that darkened, unwelcoming path. Once you’re on it, you’ll find others who are learning too.

I believe in you. Keep going.

An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work is now available.

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