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Can I Change?

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Five Steps to A Meaningful Life

Psychologist Carl Rogers gave us some wonderful ways to understand ourselves.  By simply outlining the path to self-understanding, we can begin to unravel the mystery of building a meaningful life.

  • Be open to new experiences
  • Live in the day
  • Trust your gut
  • Be creative and take risks
  • Seek new challenges

When I read this list, I think, hey, I can do those things. But then I stopped and really read the list. I’m pretty open to try new things, but if I’m completely honest with myself… living one day (this day!) at a time, is hard. My mind races with all the things I could have done or what I should be thinking about or doing tomorrow or next week or next year.

Living a life on your own terms is tough. We can debate whether it should be tough or not, but that is irrelevant. I hope we can agree that finding a path for one’s life that deviates from the ‘norm’ is hard work. I’ve experienced people making fun of me or rejecting me because I chose to go my own way. Finding my way requires me to change. The way I think, feel and ultimately, act.

The hardest parts for me are:

  • having enough faith in myself to withstand the ups and downs
  • finding support from others who appreciate the journey

Acceptance of Myself is the Answer

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I’m finished with the arguments with myself about how I’m not good enough.  I accept myself exactly as I am.

I begin each day reminding myself that I have found my way through lots of adventures and will continue to be able to do that. I appreciate myself. Whatever negative feelings I am carrying, I  will remember that feelings do not last. The way I feel right now; I ‘m not going to feel this way forever.

I’d like to show myself as much compassion as I do other people. I promise myself this, every single day. This self compassion is the key to being able to change. I want to change… even if I’m not sure how I should change, I still know that being flexible and accepting of myself are the way forward.

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