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From Uh-Oh to Aha!

Whether you are employed, unemployed or self-employed, one thing is clear; this country needs jobs. If you are someone who lost your job (uh-oh) and then started a company (a-ha!) then you, like me, are part of an exciting national trend.

I am an entrepreneur– in year 2 of my second start up. While it is a lot of work (yeah, get the work, do the work AND run the business), it’s very rewarding. I like the boss (me), the flexibility and I get to choose who I work for (the customers).

Here’s an interesting article on people who give up their full time jobs to start businesses. What? They gave up the security and paycheck of a full time job for the risks of a start up? Read on. These folks actually think working for someone else is the riskier proposition.

If you are wondering whether you’d make a good entrepreneur or want to learn more about how to get started here are a few resources.

  1. Entrepreneur magazine – Even if your not sure whether starting a business is for you, start by reading a magazine like this.
  2. Small Business Administration and SCORE – Free advice is available in 364 locations around the country. They provide mentoring and workshops.
  3. Local college or chambers of commerce – These often have low cost programs that can teach you about business fundamentals.

Young, old, male, female — we need all the start ups we can get. For women, here’s an interesting article and resources. Go get ’em!

Photo credit: Wilson Borough Business


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