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Words With Friends…A Whole New World

I used to sit in an airport or restaurant and watch people (usually young) messing with their phones. I couldn’t imagine what they were doing! My device world consisted of a palm pilot and blackberry before I moved away from corporate America so what did I know about a smart phone? My sister would carry on about how much she loved her iPhone. Ok. Whatever. But she was right and now I understand.

If you have a smart phone and you already get this but please remember;  there are a LOT of people who don’t. This means that you have an opportunity in your work to help your organization use these tools to keep ahead of your competition. If you are not a smart phone user, I suggest you take a  few minutes and ask someone to show you what all the hoopla is about. Here’s one example…

I love word games, especially scrabble, so when I found out I could play it on my phone (called Words With Friends), I was intrigued.  I started playing with ‘random opponents’, people the game would partner me with. I’d played a few games with an opponent and we started chatting within the game. It turns out he’s in Australia. I’m playing scrabble, on my phone with someone on the other side of the world. Think of the ramifications for business. Think of how this device is shrinking the world.

One hundred million people are playing mobile games and about $1 billion revenue was generated in 2010.  If you’re not seeing the connection to your job or business, maybe you’re just not thinking broadly enough. The personal computer started at home and then went to the office. So it goes with mobile. It’s not about the game… it’s about access to the person’s attention… anytime, anyplace. Let me know what you think.

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