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Dinosaur Unite! Use Some Resume Botox…

“Those young people are stealing our jobs!” Someone actually said this to me recently. My jaw almost hit the floor  when they did.

In the current game of ‘let’s find some income’; this is dangerous thinking. In fact, anytime we engage in ‘I want to win and I want you to lose’ thinking, the likelihood of failure increases.

Being an ‘older’ worker myself, I am aware of the challenges we face. But we have a choice about how we think and act. One way is to be afraid and ‘circle the wagons.’

Another choice is learn everything we can about finding work, reach out to others with an open mind and heart and look for ways to collaborate with younger people to our mutual benefit. We have much more to gain from exchanging experiences than trying to exclude or one up each other.

I serve as Chairman of the Board for a small non profit. I have had the privilege of getting to know several 20-somethings who are helping us out. They have a lot to teach me and I hope my experience will benefit them. We’re all in this together.

A few resume tips for us oldsters-

  1. Limit your work experience to the past 15 years. Create a summary section for work prior to that. Put relevant experience from that time in the cover letter.
  2. Leave off dates for your education
  3. Show that you’ve been continually learning or demonstrate that your skills are fresh and in demand, that you’ve taken on new roles, and are flexible/willing to adapt to organizational changes.

If you can’t do #3 then get on the stick. Opportunities are all around you. No whining.

Here are a few more tips.  Resume Botox…Take Off Your Early Experiences

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