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Twitter for Job Seekers – The Movie! Ok, Not Really,The Audio.

Yesterday my interview with about using Twitter for job searching aired via an internet stream. Many people listen to internet radio and sites like provide listeners with a way to find cool radio stations. bills itself as the “Daily Podcast All About Twitter.” If you are interested in social media, is an interesting way to stay on top of twitter related news.(Yes, there’s that much news.) The hosts, Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque, keep it interesting, light and informative.

Time Magazine’s June 15th cover story titled “How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live,” outlines how the 140 character communication tool represents a revolution. Many people became aware of twitter during the uprising following the Iran election. The Iranian government announced that the incumbent leader had ‘won’ the election but the Iranian people thought the results had been rigged. Iran ejected all journalists. Ordinary citizens armed with cell phones sent live photos of the protests in the streets via twitter. No news channel had photos, only twitter. The The Iranian government couldn’t stop the flow of photos from reaching the outside. The world watched while the Iranis took to the streets in protest.

The fundamentals of twitter; social networking, live sharing and sharing links to articles, websites, photos, videos, etc. make it a very useful tool for job seekers. Companies are going directly to twitter to post jobs. Why? Not only is it free, but by advertising there, only candidates who already understand social media/twitter will see them.

I have spoken to over a thousand job seekers about using twitter as part of their search; most of whom have never even tried twitter. Some get it right away; some are outspokenly skeptical and negative. “I don’t want to spend my time reading what someone had for lunch.” They’ve never been on twitter, but they’re already sure it’s not for them. By the time we finish our discussion, the skeptic is a believer. No one is saying you have to use Twitter for your job search. But I suggest you don’t judge it until you understand it.

For a list of twitter resources for job hunters including links to a beginning twitter eBook, videos, websites, blogs, and people to follow on Twitter, please email me at

To listen to my interview, go to:

Twooting Episode #0064: Now Twitter Really Means Business!
Thursday, July 30th 2009 @ 2:36 PM
Click on the arrow that points to the right. The audio will start. Put your cursor over the gray box that appears on the timeline, my interview starts at 32:00 minutes.

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  • Chris Bigelow
    August 5, 2009

    Just wanted to say great job on your podcast interview on I enjoyed it and liked how you included the various other social media tools available to the job seeker.

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