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And now for something completely different – Companies are hiring!

Looking for good news in a sea of glop, please read this yahoo article on companies that are hiring. Yikes, hiring?  Even you do not want to relocate, you might see something or get an idea of a local company that could provide services to one of these national companies.

Rule #1 – go where the jobs are. That doesn’t necessarily mean move from where you live, but keep an open mind. You never know who’ll meet.

Rule #2 – Look at jobs not just for the position but also for companies that might interest you. Research them, get to know them.

Rule #3 – Listen to the words of wisdom from the yahoo article referenced above.

HotJobs 100: Updated for 2009 -Find great jobs from our top 100 companies, hiring now…

1. Don’t rely on one resume and cover letter. The longer the job search, the more custom resumes and cover letters you will need. Your resume and cover letter should match your skill-set to that particular job’s qualification requirements.

2. Don’t limit your possibilities. Unless it’s drastically lower than your job expectations, a lesser title, pay or benefits may at least get you in the door .Once you’ve landed a job, you will have a chance to prove yourself. If at all possible, also be flexible in where you can work.

3. Don’t get discouraged. Discouragement is only in your mind. The reality is every day you look for work is a new day. What happened the day or week or month before is history. Shake off disappointments with a quick ‘pity party’ and then let it go.

4. Don’t stop looking until you actually have the job. Because stuff happens, keep your job search going until you have a contract or start date. Too often, candidates stop looking once they have an interview!

I could tell stories about #4 but you probably have already heard them. Your job is to find work, don’t stop until you start working at another job. Here’s another link with even more hiring!
The Spreadsheet of Sunshine: Who’s hiring

Enjoying Your Life – Free or Inexpensive FUN things to do

If you have children of any age, there are so many things to do with them. You know what they are; you just have to find time to enjoy them instead of stressing about how to support them. Today, you are a role model; they are watching how you handle stress and change. When was the last time you colored with your kids? My dad used to draw a curlicue on piece of paper and then we had to draw and invent something from it. You might be surprised at how much fun it is. This isn’t an art lesson. No criticizing. Accept and praise whatever they make. You have to draw too. If you can’t draw well, (the drawing gene was given to my sister – she makes beautiful paintings) make it silly. The worse it is, the more your kids will love it.

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  • Zoe
    April 6, 2009

    love the new look!

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